We have framed a high-performance distributed network architecture and blockchain framework with a recursive hierarchy in the past two years. Currently, we are working on a blockchain-based personal data assistant, which can be considered as a trusted network to store and manage personal data, even interact with other services. And we are going to make more middlewares and applications for distributed systems. As a collection of all these works, we call it Trusted Distributed Network(TDN).

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Trusted Distributed Network. A collection of our works based on a recursive hierarchy distributed system.

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Yet another P2P Library implemented in Rust. Support IoT devices.

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A trusted datastore service to manage personal data, and interact with other services.

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We are a group of geeks in the field of cryptography and programming. Our vision is to use technology to change lives, whether it is Blockchain or AI, or other technologies, as long as it can facilitate our lives, we all willing to try and to practice. Welcome to join us and happy coding!


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